Durant’s Never Closes

Durants ThumbnailSomewhere between heaven and hell . . . Durant’s.

Jack Durant (played by Tom Sizemore) was a restauranteur, ladies man and mysterious gentleman who maintained many connections to the mafia. ┬áHis life’s journey has found him blazing a trail of unbridled passion, violence, conspiracy, and heartache through the desolate backwoods of Tennessee to the glimmering mean streets of mob-controlled Vegas, finally landing him in the scorching Arizona desert in 1950 as the iron-fisted owner of his first steakhouse, Durant’s.

Durant’s restaurant serves as a neutral territory where movie stars eat alongside influential politicos and are often joined by the company of mobsters planning assassinations and more over dinner and cocktails – and Jack intends to keep it that way until one day, when Jack’s world starts to unravel as figures from his past arrive, bringing unfinished business from years prior along with them. . .

Jack struggles to keep his restaurant running smoothly and his sanity intact while dealing with a car bombing, a long lost love, and an ominous cowboy lingering at the bar . . . and that’s all before the dinner rush.