In Search of Fellini

Fellini-PosterIN SEARCH OF FELLINI follows Lucy (Ksenia Solo), a carefree small-town girl in the fall of 1993 who has spent a little too much time at home with her over-protective mom, Claire (Maria Bello).  They fill their time watching old movies and getting a hard time from Claire’s best friend, Kerri (Mary Lynn Rajskub).  While Claire does her best to shelter her daughter from the ugliness she experienced from life, Kerri encourages Claire to let Lucy go.  But when Lucy discovers the breathtaking films of Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini, she finds her passions and her view of everything is forever transformed.  She is now determined to figure out her place in the world – to her mother’s protests, of course.  Following one misadventure after another, Lucy is pushed to the realization that her journey only has one destination: Italy, so she can find Fellini and either act out her dream to be inspired by the famous filmmaker or maybe discover her true self along the way.