Lucky Bastards

Doven_Onesheet_Template_Lucky Bastards_Tryptic on White_Red 4Four underachieving hustlers decide to step up their game and target a local exotic car dealer and his latest acquisition. . . The heist goes off without a hitch, until they discover they have stollen the WRONG CAR!

The crate they hijacked contains the remains of “The Little Bastard”, James Dean’s fabled Porsche 550 Spyder. Missing for over 50 years, “The Little Bastard” is worth a fortune on the black market!

But our hustlers’ excitement is short- lived when they find out who they’ve really stolen from…

Ruthless mob boss HARRY LIPSCHITZ! Harry rules the local underworld with an iron fist. Legend has it that before he kills those who dare cross him, he takes a perverse pleasure in torturing them with razor sharp garden tools. With every gun-toting hot rod in the city now on their trail, our hapless hustlers will have to battle their way through a cast of outlandish characters in order to offload “The Little Bastard” and get the hell out of Dodge…